Border Animal Rescue

AZ Pet Plates

We'd like to thank AZ Pet Plates for their support of Border Animal Rescue! You can help! Get your Arizona Pet Friendly license plate today! By donating to Arizona's Spay and Neuter of Animals Fund – through the purchase of a Pet Plate for your vehicle or a voluntary contribution through your AZ Resident Personal Income Tax Return 140 – you are helping thousands of animals, through animal welfare shelters and organizations across Arizona. Click HERE if you'd like to help.

Many thanks to PetMart for allowing us to "show" some of our kitties who are up for adoption!  See the Adoptable Pets page for photos and bios.

We’re so excited to become a PetSmart Charities grantee! Grant funds will go directly toward helping more pets in need through adoption! Thanks to your donations @PetSmart stores, we’re able to make an even bigger difference for pets in our community.

We're so grateful to the Petfinder Foundation for awarding us an Emergency Medical Grant to help treat foster cat Sir Lou, who had to have his leg amputated. The grant helped us defray the costs of his surgery and now Sir Lou is one big happy kitty in his new forever home! @petfinderfoundation

We are sending a huge thank you to Petco Love for the grant they awarded us last year. This grant provided lifesaving support to 9 cats and 1 dog, all diverted from shelters. We were able to provide spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and medical care to 7 trap-neuter-return cats who were either returned to their outdoor colonies or brought into foster; and spay/neuter surgeries and medical support for 2 homeless cats and 1 homeless dog (who gave us 9 pudgy puppies!) that we rescued, fostered until they were healthy, and then adopted into loving homes. 

Thank you again, Petco Love!

We’ve just received a grant from the Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club to help us spay and neuter the dogs in our community! We are so grateful for GSVKC’s continued support of our work and all the loving pet families out there. We’ll make an announcement soon when we can take applications and schedule surgeries for your furry doggie friends.

Click HERE to visit the Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club's website.

Thank you, GSVKC!